Uganda (TUP)

The Targeting the Ultra Poor (TUP) project, funded by Cartier Philanthropy is a tailored response designed to address the unique needs of 1650 ultra-poor youths in Luwero and Kiryandongo districts of Uganda through a comprehensive, time-bound, sequenced set of interventions. The project aimed to provide an integrated combination of services and training to address the varied causes of youth ultra-poverty in Uganda.

During the second year of implementation (Jan – Dec 2017) the project made strong progress in delivering an integrated set of components: life skills and technical skills training; consumption stipends; enterprise selection; asset transfer; savings and financial education; and social integration. Collectively these components provide the ‘big push’ that participants need to graduate from ultra-poverty. The following are some of the highlighted successes coming out of this program:

  1. Ultra-poor targeted youth in Luwero District have increased capacity to increase incomes through enhanced agriculture and livestock productivity as well as petty trading
  2. Ultra-poor youth in Luwero District have enhanced knowledge, skills and resources to improve the health and nutritional status for themselves and their families through greater food security
  3. Ultra-poor youth in Luwero District have increased life skills, financial skills and savings behaviour to cope better with crisis and access resources from their communities
  4. Better social integration, higher subjective wellbeing and aspiration through Mentoring/Coaching and establishment of Village Poverty Reduction Committees
  5. Ultra-poor youth have been empowered with skills to make relevant market linkages, facilitated by BRAC


  • Funding Partners: Cartier Charitable Foundation and AESTUS
  • Implementing Organization: BRAC International
  • Participants: 1,660
  • Duration: 2016-2019

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