BRAC Pakistan successfully implemented CFPR-TUP and LEP-ID project which built on the success of TUP (Bangladesh) and was a modified version of it. However, after successful completion of these projects, BRAC Pakistan is implemented the Programme for Poverty Reduction, a one year integrated project with a main focus on building physical infrastructure and capacity of local communities along with assisting in health, education and economic livelihoods; to develop a supporting environment for poverty reduction and boosting economic productivity.

The program also ensured basic health services for the members, which include health awareness education, treatments, sanitary latrines and tube-well installation, and providing linkages to Government and Non-Governmental Health Resources. For this purpose 3 BRAC TUP Healthcare Facilities provided healthcare services to members. The services included

  • Health awareness education through Home visit
  • Financial assistance for mild and severe morbidity
  • Health ID card for people in ultra-poverty
  • Ensure sanitary latrine
  • Ensure safe drinking water through sinking hand pumps
  • Create Strong linkage with other health service provider
  • Funding Partner: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund
  • Implementing Organization: BRAC International
  • Participants: 1,500
  • Duration: 2010-2011

In July 2019, the BRAC UPGI team travelled to Lahore, Pakistan to provide technical assistance and present at a conference organized by the World Bank. The workshop was held in order to provide design recommendations for Graduation programming as an input for Punjab Human Capital Investment Project, a project aimed at reducing poverty in the Punjab province. BRAC’s input focused on adapting the four pillars of Graduation along with proper targeting and monitoring mechanisms. The Pakistan Poverty Alliance Fund and the Southern Punjab Poverty Alleviation Program were also in attendance and made presentations to the group.