In November 2018, BRAC International, with funding from the Dutch Postcode Lottery, began the targeting process and launched the Liberia Graduation pilot in March 2019 to provide targeted support to 750 ultra-poor households across three Branch Office locations; Kakata and Gbarnga counties and Unification Town (250 households per branch). Rural households will only be targeted in Kakata and Gbarna branches, while peri-urban (avoiding slum areas) will be targeted in Unification Town

Savings and Financial Literacy: The program will adopt an existing Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) model that has been widely practiced in Liberia by CARE and several other NGOs. The program will also use VLSA trainings as a platform to provide financial literacy training. It is also important to note that the BRAC Microfinance Program is currently operating in all three branches where the Graduation Program will take place. In the final three months of the program, POs will link VSLAs to BRAC Microfinance

Match Savings: After the consumption stipend has ended, the program will start to match participants’ contribution to their VSLA savings. For each participant, the program will match up to 250 LD per bi-weekly visit and there is a 5,000 LD match savings limit for the entirety of the program.

Mentoring & Life Skills Training: Trainings will be provided through two methods: individual home visits and group meetings. A total of six health issues (family planning, WASH, communicable diseases, etc.) and six social issues (child marriage, gender-based violence, conflict resolution, etc.) have already been identified to be covered during these trainings. The use of visual aids and flip charts will also be employed to better serve those who cannot read. Through these visits Project Associates (PA) will provide on-going coaching and psycho-social support, giving participants the self-confidence and drive necessary to overcome barriers, transform their current situation and ultimately graduate out of poverty.

Health:Given the lack of access to affordable health care services, the program will primarily focus on preventative care and knowledge awareness raising by covering key health issues in group and individual life skills trainings. BRAC will leverage its existing health volunteers in the branch offices to provided limited health services to participants.



  • Funding Partner: Dutch Postcode Lottery
  • Implementing Organizations: BRAC Liberia
  • Participants: 750
  • Duration: 2018-Present

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