PROFIT Financial Graduation Impact report

PROFIT Financial Graduation Impact report

In October 2016, the Government of the Republic of Kenya (GoK) with funding from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) launched two Graduation pilots in rural Kenya to enable ultra-poor women and youth to build resilience and sustainable livelihoods. The pilots are part of the Programme for Rural Outreach of Financial Innovations and Technologies (PROFIT), an initiative that promotes economic development among impoverished people in the arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) of Kenya. With the technical assistance of BRAC, The BOMA Project and CARE International Kenya are implementing the Graduation pilots in Samburu and Kitui counties. The pilots target 2,600 vulnerable women and youth with the aim to strengthen household resilience through greater food security, resistance to income erosion related to climate change, ability to manage health on an upward trajectory out of ultra-poverty.


The ASALs constitute 84 percent of the country’s land mass and are home to more than 12 million people. Household income and human development indicators in these areas are far below the national average – poverty rate is 74 percent in Samburu and 60 percent in Kitui. Historically, the region has endured conflict and periodic drought. More recently, the impact of climate change has made conditions for pastoralist and semi-pastoralist communities more challenging, especially for vulnerable women and unemployed youth.



  • Funding Partner: IFAD, Govt of Kenya
  • Implementing Organizations: The BOMA Project, CARE Kenya
  • Evaluation Partners: Expanding Opportunities
  • Participants: 2,600
  • Duration: 2016-2019

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