With knowledge gaps identified by the Indonesian government about how social protection and economic inclusion can be leveraged to fully respond to the needs of the nation’s poorest, UPGI’s Director of Technical Assistance, Lauren Whitehead, recently joined the Department of Labour and Employment (Philippines), Ministry of Finance -Treasury (Paraguay), and Fundacion Capital to share lessons learned around designing and implementing productive inclusion programs such as Graduation. The session entitled “Lessons Learnt from International Experts and Governments,” sponsored by the Australian Government (DFAT), the Indonesian National Planning Development Agency (BAPPENAS) and MAHKOTA, presented on a variety of international experiences in designing and implementing economic inclusion programs around the world, with BRAC sharing its approach to reducing extreme poverty through its technical assistance and partners such as the Government of the Philippines’ current Graduation program in the southern province of Negros Occidental. Watch the full presentation (with BRAC’s segment starting at 23:30) on SocialProtection.org here.


Photo Credit: Australian Government (DFAT) and the Indonesian National Planning Development Agency (BAPPENAS)