About BRAC

Overview of BRAC

BRAC is a global leader in creating large-scale opportunities for the poor. Founded in Bangladesh in 1972, it is now the world’s largest development organisation. Over 110,000 BRAC workers touch the lives of an estimated 138 million people in 11 countries, using a wide array of tools such as microfinance, education, healthcare, legal rights training and more.

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Founded in 2007, BRAC USA is an independent affiliate of BRAC with its own Board of Directors exercising full fiduciary responsibility for all grants, philanthropic programs and services. BRAC USA is determined to root out the systemic causes of poverty, and to design solutions that can be scaled up to reach millions.

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Ultra-Poor Graduation Initiative

In 2013, BRAC launched the Ultra Poor Graduation Advocacy Initiative. The Initiative aims to catalyse global implementation of the Graduation approach and its adoption across major stakeholders through the following:

  • Increased awareness and uptake of the Graduation approach by stakeholders including policymakers, development finance agencies, national governments, NGOs and MFI implementers as a result of global advocacy efforts.
  • Effective implementation of the Graduation approach, supported through advisory services, technical assistance, training and knowledge transfer from BRAC’s Targeting the Ultra Poor programme to external stakeholders interested in, or currently implementing Graduation approaches.


“There is no other organization in the world that does this work in such a superior way. What BRAC has been able to do with the graduation programme is really incredible. They have the ability and the will to help others to bring it to reality in their own environments.”

– Anne Hastings, Global Advocate and Quality Assurance Advisor for Uplift and Former Director of Fonkoze.

“The program puts forward a simple but powerful concept: the problem with being ultra- poor is not any one constraint, but several interdependent constraints, and attacking poverty with an integrated program may be necessary to generating long term improvements. “

– Dean Karlan, Professor of Economics at Yale University and President and Founder of Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA)

“This program has been evaluated with very rigorous randomized control trials … it's been found to be one of the most successful anti-poverty programs I've seen raising people's consumption level, food security, sense of dignity, sense of belonging.”

– Esther Duflo, Co-Founder and Director, Abdul Latif Jameel, Poverty Action Lab


BRAC Ultra-Poor Graduation 


Lindsay Coates

Managing Director

Lara Storm

Director of Advisory Services

Anton Simanowitz

Director of Learning for Scaling Impact

Lauren Whitehead

Senior Technical Specialist

Nazia Moqueet

Technical Specialist

Julie Kedroske

Senior Associate

Bart Robertson

Technical Specialist

Isabel Whisson

Senior Associate

Dristy Shrestha

Senior Associate

Jasveen Bindra

Senior Associate

Cait O’Donnell

Senior Associate

Emily Coppel

Director of Communications

Bobby Irven

Senior Communications Associate

Targeting the Ultra-Poor (TUP) – Bangladesh

Rozina Haque

Senior Programme Manager

Moklesur Rahman

Team Leader

Upoma Mahbub

Manager, Global Advocacy

Tania Tasnin

Deputy Manager

Steering Committee

Dr. Muhammad Musa

Executive Director, BRAC

Faruque Ahmed

Executive Director, BRAC International

Shameran Abed

 Director Microfinance & Targeting the Ultra Poor, BRAC and BRAC International

Asif Saleh

Senior Director, Strategy, Communication and Empowerment, BRAC and BRAC International

Donella Rapier

President & CEO, BRAC USA

Lewis Temple

Chief Executive Officer, BRAC UK