Our Audacious Plan

Learn more about our Audacious idea is to scale our proven Graduation intervention through government adoption, accelerating the rate of change and lifting 4.6 million households, over 21 million people, out of extreme poverty over the next six years.

The Graduation approach: Empowering the Poor

A comprehensive, time-bound and sequenced set of interventions, BRAC’s Graduation program is specifically designed to build the capacity of the ultra-poor to move beyond extreme poverty and into secure sustainable and resilient livelihoods.

Technical Assistance

BRAC UPGI provides a suite of technical assistance services to enable governments, MFIs and NGOs to adapt the Graduation approach worldwide to local contexts.

Delivering Impact

Read about the impact of Graduation programs in the global effort to end extreme poverty within our lifetime. In this section you will find reports, publications and briefs dedicated to the research and learnings from our programs and those of our partners around the world.